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CDMenuPro Button Creator is an additional program available to users of the registered full version - 2.4 and upward.

Using the Button Creator, individual bitmap buttons featuring rollover effects can be created in just a few clicks.

CDMenuPro Button Creator - Create your own Bitmap Buttons
Animated Button
Adjustable rollover effects.

The Button Creator requires a graphics resolution of: 16 Bit (High Color), 24 Bit (True Color) or higher!

Creating a button:

  • Select button type.
  • Define button size (width, height).
  • Select color shade and brightness.
  • Please note: the color red (255,0,0) has been pre-set as the transparent color for all the buttons. If you would like to use a pure red color for your button, you will have to select another color in the Transparent Color menu. Here it is best to choose a Windows color (color value 0,128,255)
  • Using the Rollover Effect button, you can adjust the rollover effect settings if necessary.
  • By clicking the Test button you can test the button and its rollover effects.
  • You might also want to choose a background color for your button to create a better impression.
  • Save the button (use the Save button)
  • Once created the bitmap file can be processed using any graphics software, or converted into a GIF file format.

File format for the Button Creator

The Button Creator saves generated data in BTI file extension form. BTI files are bitmap files, which can be edited subsequently using a graphics program. The bottom pixel row, however, should not be altered, since this contains additional information about the button.

The Button Creator can be started directly from CDMenuPro Editor. To do this, select "Extras - Button Creator" from the Editor menu. By doing this the CDMenuPro project path and the selected background color is handed over to the Button Creator at the same time.

Please note:
Lettering the buttons first in CDMenuPro Editor is advantageous. This serves in saving resources and the project remains very easy to alter.