CDMenuPro - Certified for Vista ?

We applied to have CDMenuPro tested at Lionbridge (Veritest) in July 2007. It was the "Pre-Certification for Certified for Windows Vista" test.

As far as the CDMenuPro program components were concerned, there were absolutely no problems. For the set-up process, however, a few minor deviations from Microsoft's requirements were found. These deviations have been completely rectified for Version 6.05.00.

Despite passing this test we will not yet be receiving the "Certified for Vista" logo. This is because Microsoft restricts this logo to companies listed in the commercial registrar. Freelances (like us) are prevented from using the logo.

Nevertheless, we would like to assure all our customers that CDMenuPro meets all of Microsoft's testing and quality requirements for its "Certified for Windows" logo.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for the excellent and cooperative way in which it treats its partners.

Klaus Schwenk (a Microsoft Certified Partner)

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