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Displaying a Document File

You can display all registered Windows document types (*.txt, *.doc, *.xls, *.htm, pdf, pps,...) without having to enter application software details. To do this, cue the button's properties window, select link from the register items and enter the file you would like to display into the document field.

In this example, the text file "Start.txt" is outputted. In almost all cases, Windows Notepad is recognized as the corresponding program and started.

Please note:
It's important to use the Browse button when entering your file as this prevents the possibility of typing errors.

Registered document types

You can check to see whether a document is registered in the following way: Start Windows Explorer, locate the file you would like to test and double click on it using your left mouse key. If the file is opened with its corresponding application, then this file type is registered.

You can register any file type you want by selecting "Extras - Folder Options - File Types" from the Windows Explorer menu bar". Depending on your Windows version, you can link any file extension (type) with a software application. However, if you want your CDMenuPro CD to work on other computers, it would be unwise to assume that this self-same link exists on the target system. This means, then, that only the most common file types and Microsoft Office applications should be assumed registered.