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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Creating an Autostart Slide Show

A large number of slide show programs are available as shareware. Generally speaking, you can use any of these programs. This example, however, has been based on PicturePlayer, because it's easy to use and ideal for use on a CD ROM. (

PicturePlayer features include :

  • Optimized for use on CD ROMs.
  • PicturePlayer can be started from the CD without having to install.
  • No unique DLLs or run-time modules.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sound integration (background music or individual image sounds settings).

Since version 3.0, the CDMenuPro Editor has provided full support for PicturePlayer. (PicturePlayer version 1.23 is needed)

How to start a PicturePlayer slide show using a CDMenuPro button:

Click on the PicturePlayer symbol in the vertical object bar, keep the left mouse key pressed and drag the mouse cursor into the menu window.

Release your mouse key - the Project Assistant (Wizard) appears and will take you through the rest of the slide show creation process. CDMenuPro will copy all necessary PicturePlayer files and create a configuration file for the show.

To this end, then, it's easy to create an autoplay menu that features a slide show suitable for use on CDs.

Notes on the PicturePlayer

PicturePlayer is an independent external program.