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What are Icons ?

What are Icons ?

Icons are small symbols, which are used for quick recogniion of documents, programs and devices etc.. Typically they are displayed by Windows in unit sizes of 32x32 pixels and 16x16 pixels.

Large Icon Small Icon Drive Icon
Large Icon
32x32 Pixel
Small Icon
16x16 Pixel
Drive Icon
16x16 Pixel

Favorite Icon (favicon.ico)
16x16 Pixel

Icons technically considered

An Icon file (* ico) can be one or more pictures of different sizes and color resolutions.

When the operating system requires an Icon, in the size 16x16 pixel, it will look for a picture in this size and with the appropriate Icon file extension (*.ICO). If available, this file will be loaded; otherwise it will look for the most suitable picture that may be changed into the size 16x16. before it is output.

Windows proceeds in the same way with color resolution. An Icon may indicate a color resolution of 24 bits. Not all systems ensure such a high color representation, therefore before the operating system makes the output the Icon picture will be adapted accordingly.

When the Icon designer leaves the size- and color adaptation up to the operating system (Windows) unwanted effects may result or the icon may not correspond to that which was created.

Therefore it is advantageous, if the Icon for the standard sizes 32x32 pixels and 16x16 pixels contains only one picture with a color dissolution of 16 and of 256 colors. Thus, Windows always displays a defined optimal Icon.

The CDMenuPro Bitmap Icon Converter meets this requirement, by enabling 4 pictures per Icon in size and color resolutions as described above.

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