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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Why does CDMenuPro need an Icon ?

Through the addition of a customized Icon that you create, the CD-Project, your CD ROM and the CDMenuPro get a personal expression of you and can help with the corporate branding of your company.

When you specify an icon in the "Autorun.inf", "your Icon" appears as drive icon of the CD ROM drive.

With CDMenuPro, you specify what icon you want to use in the dialog box when you create your welcome screen. The CDMenuPro Icon in the headline of the program will then be exchanged with " your Icon ". Likewise it is displayed with the program start-up in the welcome screen.

Don't forget to copy "your Icon" as a "Favicon" into the master directory of your Internet pages.

To read more about creating your own icon click here.

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