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The CDMenu Bitmap Icon Converter

Note: The "Bitmap Icon Converter" is available only in the registered program version.

The "Bitmap Icon Converter" converts to convert a bitmap image, created with the Windows tool "Paint" or any other graphic program, into a Windows Icon.

With the "Bitmap Icon Converter", the Icon file can take up to four pictures, in the size 16x16 pixel and 32x32 pixel, each with a color resolution of 16 and 256 colors.

Additionally the definition of a transparent color is possible.

Der CDMenu Bitmap Icon Converter

Why can't the Icon be created here entirely ?

The possibility of the entire creation of an Icon within the CDMenu Editor, would cause problems with the framework of this program. Furthermore the program "Paint" delivered with Windows is absolutely sufficient to create an Icon-picture. With the Bitmap pictures from the Bitmap Icon Converter the Icon file can be comfortably realized. If you have to create Icons frequently you may wish to review the options available in Icon creation programs within the shareware area.

You can find the instructions for the creation of an Icon in the Tutorial:
    Create icon

You can learn how to copy an Icon into the CD-Menu here:
    Add Icon


The bitmap file must not be RLE compressed !