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The creation of an icon

Note: The "Bitmap Icon Converter" is available only in the registered version.

The creation of Icons takes place in two steps:
  • Creation of a bitmap.
  • Conversion of the bitmap into an Icon.

Creation of the bitmap.

There exists a multiplicity of tools in the Shareware sector which enable the design of an Icon. As the CDMenuPro Editor provides a converter for the transformation of bitmaps to Icons, you can use with the program "Paint" (or any other graphical program) belonging to Windows, a bitmap file as basis for the conversion for the Icon.

Preface: Bitmaps with any size and color dissolution can be imported into the CDMenuPro bitmap Icon converter. But it is strongly suggested that the picture size be limited to 16x16 and 32x32 pixel with each 16 and 256 colors from the beginning of the creation process.

Start Paint:

  • Start - Programs - accessories - Paint

Set picture attributes:

  • Paint-Menu: Picture - attributes...
  • A dialog for setting the picture attributes opens.
  • Execute the following settings:
    • Width: 32 (or 16).
    • Height: 32 (or 16).
    • Unit: Pixel.
    • Colors: Color.
  • close dialog

Icon-Picture attributes

Create picture

  • Zoom to make the picture larger and easier to work with.
  • Create picture with paint tools.

Save Picture

When saving the bitmap, the file type "16 colors bitmap" or " 256 colors bitmap" must be selected.

save icon


The bitmap file must not be saved with option "RLE compressed" !

Convert bitmaps to icon

  • Start CDMenuPro Editor.
  • Select Menu: "Extras - Create Icon..."
  • Button "load Icon-Bitmap", the "Icon load dialog" opens.
  • Button: "browse..." select bitmap-importfile.
  • Select image size
  • Select color resolution (16/256)
  • Button "transparent color"
  • Position the cursors into the Icon image, the cursor changes into a pipette.
  • Click on the color which has to be represented transparency.
  • Click OK-Button.
  • Execute this process for each picture, in 16x16 and 32x32 pixel each with 16 and 256 colors (one picture is normally sufficient).
  • Click on "Save Icon Button", file save dialog " opens:
  • Specify target - path and -file name (extension " ico ").
  • Click Exit Button.

CDMenuPro Bitmap Icon Converter

load Icon