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The creation of the Favicon

  • Do you have a homepage ?
  • You don't know what a Favicon is or how you can create one ?

Then you are right here; because the CDMenu word editor gives you any support you need in the Icon creation.

What is a Favicon ?

The Microsoft Internet explorer supports (starting from Version 5.x on) the administration of the favorites, in former times called Bookmarks (bookmark).

If the Internet reader likes a page very much, or if he wants to find easily the page again then he will add this page to the favorites.

The MS Internet Explorer looks then in the root directory of the homepage for a file " favicon.ico ", loads it and uses this Icon in place of the standard icon of the representation of the favorites.


When you have a look at this favorites window and you are of the opinion that the Company "Smily" would be somewhat quite special, then you should begin immediately to create your own Favicon. (anyhow the company Smily has it made)

And that's the way to proceed:

In the Tutorial is described how a Icon is created.Create icon

  • Create icon
  • The Icon must have the name "favicon.ico"
  • Load the file "favicon.ico" into the root directory of your Homepage

In the log files your Homepage you can recognize later how frequently a bookmark was set on your page, by looking for log entries up with " GET favicon.ico ".