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CDMenuPro PowerPoint Starter

Use the CDMenuPro PowerPoint Starter for creating PowerPoint autorun CDs

You want to create an autorun CD which will display PowerPoint presentations.

However, you're unsure about whether the target systems on which your CD will be played have a suitable viewer installed for presenting your PowerPoint files. How can you make sure that the PowerPoint documents on your CD ROM will be displayed and presented in the right way. How can you first determine whether or not a viewer is already installed on the target system?

The solution

CDMenuPro with the supplementary PowerPoint Starter program. This program will check to see whether a viewer is already installed on the target system (you user's PC) and, if necessary, will prompt the user to install the MS PowerPoint Viewer. If a viewer is installed, PowerPoint Starter will hand over your file to the existing viewer.

The supplementary PowerPoint Starter program is only available in the Business Edition.

You will find more information about how to use the PowerPoint Starter in our Tutorial. (Tutorial - PowerPoint Presentation)