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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Steps to take if you’re having trouble

The CD won't play automatically

If your CD won't play automatically when it's inserted into the drive, please go through this checklist step-by-step until the problem has been solved.

1. Check autoplay function

The Windows Autoplay function can be activated and deactivated on Win95/98/ME systems. Please check to make sure that the autoplay function on your system is activated. Please read the "activate autorun" section here....

The autoplay function can also be deactivated on all Windows systems by other programs such as CD burning software. You will find more detailed information about this here...

The easiest way of checking the autoplay function is to put a CD (for example the Windows CD, a software installation CD or the CDMenuPro CD) into your drive. If it fails to start automatically, this indicates that an event has deactivated the autoplay function. For Win-NT, 2000, and XP systems you might want to try re-booting the Windows system as this usually helps. Please also read the section on burning autoplay CDs.

2. Checking the CD

The following files must be located in the CD's root directory:
- Autorun.inf
- CD_Start.exe
- CD_Conf.ini

Please note: For compiled menus, the CD_Conf.ini file does not have to be in the root directory. Please make sure that the file names are written correctly.

Correct: This is how it looks when the CD has been burned correctly: The "CD_Start.exe" and "Autorun.inf" files can be seen in the window on the right when the CD symbol in the left window is clicked. The files are located in the CD's "root directory".

Incorrect: The "Autorun.inf" and "CD_Start.exe" files are located in the CD's sub-folder called "MyCD_Project". Autostart will fail to activate in this case.

If the file extensions are not visible (.exe, .ini, .inf), please proceed as follows:

  • Start Windows Explorer
  • Go to the menu bar and select: "Extras - Folder Options..."
  • Select "View" from the register list"
  • Make sure that "hide file extensions for known file types" is unchecked.

3. Activating the Joliet file system on burning software applications

If the ISO9660 file system is activated on your burning software, you can only use file extension names that have no more than 8 characters and file extensions with no more than 3 characters. In addition to this, folder and file names cannot contain national characters. This means that it's a good idea to activate the Joliet file system. To do this, please refer to the instructions that came with your burning software.

4. Other information
Please make sure you read the following chapters:

When burning software deactivates the autoplay function

Some burning software applications redirect the autoplay function; this causes the burning program to be started when the CD drive is opened and closed again. This can lead to problems following the burning process if, for instance, you decide to test the CD in the same drive but don't close the burning software first.

Always proceed as follows when burning an Autoplay CD:

  • Record CD
  • Remove the CD from the drive and close the drive drawer
  • Close your burning software
  • Now you can test the CD by inserting it into the drive.

If you do this in a different order, you might inadvertently cause the Autoplay function to be deactivated. If this has already happened, try re-booting Windows to see whether things return to normal. If not, you will need some special software to reactivate the Autoplay feature. (see below)

Checking or testing the autorun settings

The Autorun-check.exe program has been designed to allow you to check and/or alter the autorun settings on your Windows system. On Windows 95/98/ME, you can change the settings for the CD ROM drives using the control panel. This is no longer possible for Windows 2000 and above. Autorun-check.exe works by displaying the current settings for all Windows systems and offers you the opportunity to make changes or to reset the default settings.

Get more informations on how to check or test your autorun settings here...