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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The Project Folder Structure

The CDMenuPro Editor creates a new project container for every project that is created or imported. The project container is a sub-folder of the repository folder and is given the name of the project. This means that you should always choose a descriptive name for your project.   ( » Glossary: Container)

The following sub-folders are automatically created within the project container:

  • CD_ROOT: project folder, corresponds to the root directory of the CD or DVD to be created   ( » Glossary: Root directory)
  • RES_BACKUP: the resource files are saved automatically in this folder when a project is compiled.
  • TEMP: directory for saving the project report and temporary files.

In addition to this the project container also contains the project meta file with the file ending ".cdmp". The project settings are saved in this file. Double clicking on this file launches the CDMenuPro Editor, which in turn opens the project that has been clicked.   ( » Glossary: Meta file)

The project container
The project container

The following files are automatically created inside the project folder (CD_ROOT) when a new project is created:

  • Autorun.inf: Script file for the Windows operating system
  • CD_Start.exe: the menu application
  • CD_Conf.ini: saves all the settings needed to display the menu window, as well as the links to the documents or applications that can be started from the menu.
  • LinkObj.ini: saves the shortcuts to the documents or applications that can be started from the menu.   ( » Glossary: Applications)

The project folder
The project folder (corresponds to the root directory of the CD / DVD

Please Note:
The CDMenuPro Compiler makes it possible to insert the following files "CD_Conf.ini" and "LinkObj.ini" into the "CD_Start.exe" application, meaning that only the "Autorun.inf" and "CD_Start.exe" files will appear in the root directory of the CD or DVD.


Container (IT term)
an object (in this case a folder) that contains structured information and documents that are connected to the content.

Meta file
The meta file is used to save the project's meta data. In general terms meta data refers to data that contains information about other data or that describes the properties of a particular object (in this case the project).

Root directory
The root directory is the first or top-most directory in a drive; this directory forms the root for the entire directory tree. (i.e.: "C:\")

a computer program for solving a certain task (an application program such as a web browser). Applications have the following file ending ".exe" (which stands for executable)