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The AVI Clip

AVI is the Microsoft-developed format for digital video films and is compatible with the Windows operating system. (AVI = audio-visual interleave)

Smaller AVI clips can be shown in the menu window directly.

Only non-compressed and RLE compressed AVI files are allowed.
Note: The animation control used for AVI Clips ignores audio information.

Click on the "AVI button" in the vertical object bar and keep your left mouse key pressed; now drag the mouse pointer into the menu window. The cross is used to symbolize the top corner of the AVI window. When you release your mouse key, the AVI properties dialog window will open.

Using the "Browse..." button, select the AVI file (*.avi) you would like to use. Enter the number of times you would like the film to be repeated (selecting 1 will play the film in an endless loop).

Please note:
In the Editor's workspace, the AVI clip is symbolized using an AVI bitmap image. The AVI is actually loaded and run in the menu application. This means, then, that it's a good idea to check the AVI by clicking on the test button.

Animated Gifs

It is not possible to display animated Gifs at the moment. Most graphics software applications, however, are able to convert an animated Gif into a AVI clip. If you decide to convert using graphics software, please make sure that you select either "non-compressed" or "RLE compressed" when saving the file.