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Linking a file from ArchiveSafe

Linking a file from ArchiveSafe It is also possible to link a button or viewer directly to an ArchiveSafe file. When you are in the right settings dialog window, you will see a button marked with a padlock symbol. This button is used to access a settings dialog window for selecting an archive and file from that archive.

How to proceed when using password-protected archives

If you would like to link password-protected files that are in ArchiveSafe with CDMenuPro, we recommend proceeding as follows:

  • Use the same password for all your archives.
  • Move the password request into the menu start. To do this select the following from the menu bar: "Properties - Access Control...".
  • Activate the "Password needed" and "Use this password for all ArchiveSafe access requests" fields and specify your password.
  • Also move your licence agreement and notes on use to here if possible.

If you proceed in this way when an ArchiveSafe file is opened, this central password will be used and the user will only be asked to enter the password once.

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