Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The functions of a button

Open document, launch application or open an internet site
This is the standard setting and is used for opening (launching) documents and applications.

Display a text-file, rtf-file or an image file using an embedded viewer
Display a text using a embedded text viewer optional with scroll bars.

Display an image file using the image viewer
Displays the image file in a CDMenuPro image viewer (a child window of the menu)

Play a sound-file using the internal sound player
Plays on the internal sound player the sound file specified in the document field (wav, mid, mp2, mp3)

Stop sound
Stops the internal sound player

Play AVI-video using the internal AVI player
Starts the internal AVI player. Enter AVI file in field marked "Document".

Open a folder in Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer opened the specified folder. The folder is specified in the "Document" field.
Example: "%CURRENTDIR%" will open Explorer in the CD's root directory.

Invoke a sub-menu page
The button is linked to a sub-menu page. The project file (*.ini) belonging to the menu page is specified in the "Document" field.

Show a message in a message box
Outputs a standard Windows message window. The title of the message window is specified in the "Application" field. The message text is specified in the "Parameter" field. Message text (no more than 240 characters) line break using "<br>"

Is used to exit the menu. If there is already an entry in the fields marked Document or Application, the corresponding document or application start will be carried out first.

Play an intro presentation in the embedded intro player.
The intro (.itr) specified in the document field will be loaded and started in the embedded intro player. Please Note: An embedded intro player must exist in the menu window.

Open a sound-control window
Opens a dialog window for setting the sound volume.

Copy CD or a CD-folder to the hard disk
Enables the CD users to copy onto their hard drive the contents of the CD or content in a specific area of the CD. You can choose to have a document or application start on the user's PC once the copying procedure has finished.

Launch Windows command interpreter
Starts the command interpreter (typically cmd.exe) saved with the system variable %COMSPEC%. Run-time variables and options can be specified in the parameter field.
i.e.: Parameters for starting a batch file: "/k my-batch-file.bat"