Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The CDMenuPro Editor

The CDMenuPro Editor makes it easy to create the Menu window and easy to define all window, menu and button properties including the background image, sound integration, text objects, text fields and AVI clips.

CDMenuPro Workspace

This is how the Editor's workspace for creating your CD menu looks. On the left is an Explorer-like window displaying the project folder and its contents, on the right the still empty Menu Window. The vertical toolbar contains the menu objects to be applied, while the horizontal toolbar is used for the most important settings and actions.

You can use the following menu objects for your Menu window:

  • Buttons, which are used to link files and programs.
  • Static text objects offering a choice of font, color and effects.
  • Text field with scroll bar
  • AVI film (non-compressed and RLE compressed AVI files only)
  • PicturePlayer slide show (PicturePlayer has to be available for this function)
  • Image object (bmp, gif, jpg)
  • Volume control

The Toolbar

The Toolbar The horizontal toolbar

The toolbar functions

The buttons from left to right:

  • Start Center (Project Assistant, ResourceBrowser and templates)
  • Create a new project
  • Open an existing project
  • Save project
  • Display / print project report
  • Test project
  • Reload project
  • Undo
  • Resource Compiler
  • Access Control
  • Program start events
  • Desktop design
  • Define background color
  • Select background image
  • Specify window size and position
  • Specify window title

The buttons from left to right:
  • Select sound file
  • Define splash screen
  • Manage link objects (shortcuts)
  • Select menu object(s)
  • Edit the properties of the selected object
  • Delete selected object
  • Start Windows Explorer in the project folder
  • Start graphics software
  • Cut out the selected object and save to clipboard
  • Copy object to the clipboard
  • Paste object from clipboard into the menu window.
  • Program information
  • CDMenuPro online help manual
  • CDMenuPro Homepage

Menu Object Bar

  • Object bar help

  • Insert static text

  • Insert Button

  • Insert sub-menu page

  • Insert button to launch PDF file using PDF starter

  • Insert button to launch PowerPoint presentation using PowerPoint starter

  • Insert button and link to a PicturePlayer slide show

  • Insert external image viewer

  • Insert embedded image viewer

  • Insert button and link to a external text viewer (Txt, Rtf, Htm)

  • Insert embedded text viewer (Txt, Rtf, Htm)

  • Insert button and link to a Flash-Video or AVI-Video or insert a AVI-Clip

  • Insert image object

  • Insert volume control

  • Insert Listbox

  • Insert menu bar, manage pop-up menus

  • Link a file from a CDMenuPro ArchiveSafe

  • Embed an Intro presentation

  • Link the CDMenuPro Search Assistant

All menu objects can be dragged into the menu window using the following method: Click on the surface of the selected object with your left mouse key but keep the key pressed. Now drag the object into the menu window. The cursor cross is used to symbolize the position of the object's top left corner.

The Editor's context menu
The context menu is opened by clicking in the Editor's window with your right mouse key; the pop-up menu offers quick access to the most important functions.

The context menu