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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The embedded text viewer (text box)

It is possible to embed the pervious-version CDMenuPro Text Viewer and the Rich Text Viewer into the menu window. The Rich Text Viewer is used automatically for all files with the "rtf" extension; the previous-version Viewer is used for all other file types for compatibility reasons.

Please note:
The embedded Rich Text Viewer can only display text. It is not possible to display objects embedded in the text.

The embedded (internal) text viewer

  • Click and hold on the Text field symbol in the object bar with your left mouse key.

  • Keeping your left key pressed, drag the Text field symbol into the menu window.

  • Now release the mouse key.

  • A dialog window opens into which the properties are set.

The following applies to the Rich Text Viewer: If a horizontal scroll bar has not been selected, the line break will take place automatically down the right hand side of the text field.

This is how the embedded text viewer is displayed in the menu window

The embedded Rich Text Viewer can also be used without a frame and scroll bar and with any background colour you want. This makes it possible to create text objects with several lines.