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The external text viewer

The term external text viewer is used to describe a process by which the text document is displayed in a stand-alone program application. Three text viewers are available:

  • The existing CDMenuPro Text Viewer (this is available for reasons of compatibility to previous versions)
  • Rich Text Viewer (for text formatted in rich text and for unformatted text [rtf, txt])
  • Html Viewer for Html documents and files


Linking the text viewer with the menu

  • Click and hold on the Text Viewer symbol in the object bar with your left mouse key.

  • Keeping your left key pressed, drag the Text Viewer symbol into the menu window.

  • Now release the mouse key.

  • An Assistant appears, which will take you through the settings process.

The text viewer Assistant

In the first dialog, enter the document that you want to display.

The following file formats are permitted:

  • Unformatted text (txt, ini)
  • Rich text (rtf)
  • Texts formatted using the CDMenuPro TextViewer (txt)
  • Hyper Text (htm,html)
  • All files that can be displayed in Internet Explorer, provided that the corresponding plug-ins are installed (Reader/Viewer/Player/ActiveX).
  • There is no guarantee that other file formats will be displayed reliably.

If you have specified a "txt" file, you can choose the viewer you would like to use in the second dialog window. The CDMenuPro Text Viewer is available for reasons of compatibility to previous versions only. For all new projects, please use the Rich Text Viewer. If you enter a file type other than "txt", the Assistant will automatically choose a Viewer and skip the second dialog window.

Use this dialog window to specify the size of the window and its position.

In the last window, you can choose to specify a Windows title. You can also specify whether the Viewer should display a menu bar.

By clicking on the "Finish" button, CDMenuPro copies the Viewer chosen into the project folder, inserts a button into the menu window and links it accordingly. You can also set additional button properties by right clicking on the button and choosing the properties dialog window from the pop-up menu.