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The internal Image Viewer

The Image Viewer can be used to display images in the following formats: bmp,dib,gif,jpg,wmf,emf,ico.

The following run-time parameters can be handed over to the Image Viewer by using the Parameter line:

  • /F: Full screen mode - the viewer will fill the entire screen
  • /T="text": The text will be displaced in the title bar
  • /I="text": The text will be displayed as a tool-tip passage

Parameter line for example above:
/T="Castle Neuschwanstein" /I="Castele Neuschwanstein <BR>South East Germany"

If parameter "/F" is specified, the viewer will fill the entire screen, otherwise the viewer will be the same size as the image. If the image is larger than the screen, the image will be displayed on a smaller scale.