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Pop-up menus, menu bar and context menu

Pop-up menu
A pop-up menu is a list of shortcuts to documents, applications or actions. Up to 100 pop-up menus can be defined for all menu pages within each individual CDMenuPro project.

Context menu
A context menu is a pop-up menu that can be opened by right clicking in a window. You can specify any previously defined pop-up menu to serve as the context menu for every individual menu page.

Menu bar
The menu bar involves arranging several pop-up menus in a horizontal bar. Clicking on a particular menu entry serves in opening the corresponding pop-up menu

The menu bar
Example of a menu bar in a CDMenuPro Autorun menu.

A CDMenuPro context menu
Example of a context menu in a CDMenuPro autorun menu.

CDMenuPro makes it possible to link any pop-up menu to a button

Creating pop-up menus

Given that a pop-up menu is a list of links (s. above), the first step is to define the links that are needed (= link objects). This is done by selecting "Objects - create/administrate link objects..." in the Editor's menu bar or by clicking on the corresponding symbol in the tool bar.
You will find more detailed information on this subject here: Link objects

Select "Objects - edit menu bar / pop-up menus..." from the Editor's menu bar, now highlight "Create / edit pop-up menus" in the dialog window and click on OK. The pop-up menu manager dialog window will now open.

CDMenuPro Popup Menu Manager
The Popup-Menu Manager

Popup-menu manager
The pop-up menu manager makes it possible to:

  • visually test the pop-up menu selected
  • edit the pop-up menu selected
  • delete the pop-up menu selected
  • use the pop-up menu selected as a context menu
  • add a new pop-up menu (create)

Add / create a pop-up menu
In the Popup Menu Manager click on the button marked "Add pop-up menu...". A dialog window will open for defining a pop-up menu.

CDMenuPro Pop-up Menu Editor

First give your pop-up menu a clear and descriptive name. This name will appear as the title for the pop-up menu in the menu bars.

Click on the button marked "Add entry" to add another line to your pop-up menu. A dialog window will open for editing the entry.

CDMenuPro Menu Item Editor

Click on "Browse". This opens a list of all the link objects that have already been defined; double click on the link object entry that you would like to use. Doing this automatically inserts the link name into the "Text" entry field and the link ID into the "LINK-ID" entry field. Close the dialog window by clicking on "OK".

You can insert a horizontal separator into a pop-up menu; this is done by inserting the pseudo link object "---SEPARATOR---".

Now add all the entries that you require to the pop-up menu and close the Pop-up Menu Manager by clicking on "Ok".

Defining a menu bar

Important notes

  • It is only possible to insert a menu-bar into a menu window that has a border.
  • Please take the following into account for menu projects with several pages:
    • It is essential to insert the menu bar into the main page first (CD_Conf.ini).
    • Sub-menu pages for which no menu-bar has been defined will use the menu-bar defined for the main page.

  • Open or activate the main page (CD_Conf.ini) first for menu projects encompassing several pages.
  • Select the following from the menu bar: "Objects - Menu Bar / Edit pop-up menus...".
  • Select the following in the dialog window: "Create / edit menu bar with pop-up menus".
  • Click on OK and the Menu-bar Editor is opened..

CDMenuPro Menu-bar Editor
The Menu-bar Editor.

Click on the button marked "Add pop-up menu..." to add a previously defined pop-up menu to the menu bar.

Deleting a pop-up menu from the menu bar
Right click on the pop-up menu that you would like to delete in menu bar and select "Delete".

Moving a pop-up menu on the menu bar
Right click on the pop-up menu that you would like to move in menu bar and select "Move to the right" or "Move to the left".

How the menu bar is presented in the CDMenuPro Editor
The menu bar can only be presented as a "pseudo menu bar" in the Editor itself and can only be tested when in test mode.

Pseudo menu bar
It is only possible to display a pseudo menu bar in the CDMenuPro Editor itself.