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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The Menu Objects

Menu objects

Menu objects is the term used to describe all the objects that can be integrated into the Menu:

  • Buttons
  • Static texts
  • Text Viewer (sub-window with scroll bar)
  • AVI clips
  • Images
  • Volume control
  • Menubar
  • Pop-up menus

Editing menu objects

You can edit the properties of menu objects at any time (size, position, text, color etc.). To edit or move an object, it first has to be selected. You know that a menu object has been selected when it is surrounded by a dotted line.

Selecting a menu object

  • Click on the object with your left mouse key.
  • Release mouse key

Selecting several menu objects at the same time

  • Press and hold the Ctrl. key on your keyboard.
  • Click on the objects for selection with the left mouse key.

    Or: Click in the menu window with the left mouse key, hold the key pressed and drag the mouse down in a rightwards direction. The dotted selected lines appear. All objects within the dotted selected lines are selected.

Moving a menu object

  • Select the menu object (see a.)
  • The mouse cursor turns into a cross
  • Click on the left mouse key and keep it pressed.
  • You can now move the object.
  • Now release the mouse key.

Changing the properties of menu objects

  • Select the menu object (s.a.)
  • Select the "Edit Object" button from the toolbar. Edit object
  • The properties dialog window for the menu object is opened.
  • Make the necessary changes and exit the dialog window.

    Quick method:
    As soon as an object has been selected, click on the right mouse key and its pop-up menu will appear.

Copying and pasting

It's easy to duplicate a menu object using the "copy" and "paste" method. To do this, right click on an object and its pop-up menu is opened, select "Copy", move your mouse cursor into a new position, cue the pop-up menu again by right clicking and select "Paste" - done.

Aligning buttons

Click on in the Editor's toolbar. Mark out an area encompassing the buttons you would like to align.

Mark out area.

Cue the pop-up menu by right clicking and select "Align Buttons...".

Buttons can be aligned according to height, width and distance. Warning: This does not apply to bitmap and image buttons.

Buttons have been aligned horizontally.

Important notes:

Image buttons cannot be aligned because they are anchored to the background image. The size of bitmap and hypertext buttons cannot be changed.

The buttons will be aligned according to their tab order, that is, the button with the lowest number will be positioned top left followed by the button with the next lowest number etc.
See Tab Order

Maximal number of menu objects per menu page

Text objects 30
Embedded TextViewer (Text field) 10
Sub-menu pages 25, 1000 per project
AVI clips 5
Image objects 10
Listbox 1
Speaker control 1
Menubar 1, 20 pop-up menus per menubar
Pop-up menus 100 per project
Embedded Intro presentation 1