Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Positioning menu objects

Menu objects can only be positioned when they have been selected. Click here for more details

Using the mouse to position menu objects

  • Left click and hold on the object you want to position
  • The mouse cursor turns into a cross
  • Still holding the mouse button pressed, the object can now be moved
  • Release mouse key
Please note: If the grid feature is activated, the object will snatch back into the nearest grid position when the mouse button is released.

Using the cursor key to position menu objects

Please Note:
The size of the steps depends on the grid settings. If you want to achieve an exact pixel position for your object, the grid must be deactivated first (Menubar "Editor - Settings")

  • Selecting one or more menu objects
  • Using the cursor keys to move menu objects
The object moves according to the set grid spacing.

Using the cursor keys to change the size of menu objects

  • Select one or more menu objects
  • Press and hold the Ctrl. key
  • Right cursor: increases object width
  • Left cursor: reduces object width
  • Cursor down: increases object height
  • Cursor up: reduces object height
Doing this increases the width / height of the object in line with the set grid spacing.

Please Note:
It is only possible to change the size of objects that do not display an image file. (see table)

Menu object Possible to alter size
Button, type: Windows Yes
Button, type: Images Yes
Button, type: Transparent: Yes
Button, type: Hypertext: No
Button, type: Bitmap: No
Button, type: Office No
Button, type: Outlook No
Static text No
Embedded TextViewer (text field) Yes
AVI Clip No
Image object No
Volume adjuster No
Listbox Yes

Aligning buttons

It is also possible to adjust the position, spacing and size of button groups. Please see the following page for more details: here...