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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Password protection and license conditions

It is possible to define a password or to require the user to agree to a license agreement before being allowed to access the menu. Users will not be able to use the menu until the password has been entered or they have agreed to the terms of the license .

Select "Properties - Access Controls" from the menu bar or click on the corresponding button in the toolbar (padlock)

License agreement
If you select the license agreement option, your users will only be able to access the menu when they have agreed to the terms of the license. You can also choose to output an information text - this is outputted when the user has agreed to the terms of the license agreement.

Formatting notes for the licensing agreement and information text
Both of these files have to be in text format (.txt, s. Notepad) or in a valid TextViewer format. (see TextViewer) By clicking on "Copy template", a format template is copied into the project folder and linked to the project.

The password has to be between 8 and 30 characters long. If you use the same password for the ArchiveSafe files, you can select the "Use this password for all ArchiveSafe access requests" option. When this option is selected, users will only be asked to enter the password when the program is started - the password will be sent to the archive for all later ArchiveSafe access requests. This means that the user will only have to enter a password once. The same principle applies to the licensing agreement when this option is selected, that is, the licensing agreement is only displayed when the program is started.

Important password-protection notice
Your menu has to be delivered in compiled format for the password protection function to work securely. If your menu is delivered in non-compiled format, it would theoretically be possible to manipulate the CD_Conf.ini project file and deactivate the password-protection function manually.

Start procedure

The following start procedure occurs when the CD is placed into the CD drive:

Other information: