Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The Project

Create a new project:

Creating a project using the Project Assistant

The CDMenuPro Project Assistant shows you step-by-step how to create a menu. The Assistant has been designed to make the creation of your first menu quick and easy.

  • Select the following from the Editor's menu bar: "Project - Start Center".
  • Click on the button marked "Project Assistant" in the Start Center.
  • Click on "Quick Info", if you would like additional information.
  • The Project Assistant will now take you step-for-step through the menu creation process for a basic menu.

Create project manually using the Editor

  • Start the CDMenuPro Editor.
  • Select "Project - New" from the menu bar or click on the corresponding button in the toolbar
    A dialog window in which the project name is entered opens. Please make sure your new project a clear and descriptive name.
    Please Note: The CDMenuPro Editor creates a new sub-folder inside the Repository with the project name.
  • The CDMenuPro Editor will generate the following files in the project folder:
    • Autorun.inf
    • CD_Start.exe the Menu
    • CD_Conf.ini: the configuration file

Opening an existing project

  • Start the CDMenuPro Editor
  • Select "Project - Open" from the menu.
  • Select the project folder you're looking for.
  • Open CD_Conf.ini file.

Saving a project

  • Select "Project - Save" from the menu.

    Please note: CDMenuPro looks for the project file called "CD_Conf.ini" when it is started.

Checking a project

A new Assistant has been developed to check the project for missing or incorrectly linked files, to check that folder and file names conform to the Joliet and/or ISO9660 name convention, to assist in the prevention of mistakes and, ultimately, to make sure that your project is secure.

If you are not going to be burning your project onto a CD using ISO9660, you can ignore the "Check compatibility with ISO9660 file system" error messages.

Testing a project

Please note:
At least one button has to have been inserted before the project can be tested.

  • Select "Project - Test" from the menu.
  • CD_Start is started from the project path using the latest settings.
  • Since the introduction of CDMenuPro Version 2.4, it's also been possible to test the project in a virtual drive. You can read more about this in the following chapter: Virtual Drive.