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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The CDMenuPro Rich Text Viewer

The Rich Text Viewer can be used to display unformatted (pure text) and rich-text formatted documents. These text documents can be created using MS Word or WordPad, which comes with the Windows operating system. If any of the files have been created in MS Word, they have to be saved in "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)". It's also important to remember that not all Word format commands are available in Rich Text format. This means that it's a good idea to create texts using Wordpad. Unformatted text can be created using Notepad, which comes with the Windows operating system.

The embedded Rich Text Viewer

The embedded Viewer is a text box (text field) that can be inserted into the menu window. This text box is only suitable for displaying short text passages. This Viewer cannot be used to display embedded objects such as images.

If the embedded Text Viewer will not be using a horizontal scroll bar, the line break will take place automatically down the right hand side.

The external Rich Text Viewer

This Viewer is one of CDMenuPro's add-on programs. This program has been designed to display larger text passages also. It also offers the option of inserting image objects into the text. Line breaks take place automatically down the right hand side of the image.

Using the Rich Text Viewer, text passages can be highlighted and copied into the clipboard. A printing function is also available.

  • Displays documents in pure text format
  • Displays documents in rich text format
  • Automatic line break down the right hand side
  • Text can be highlighted and copied to the clipboard
  • Printing function

Embedded objects
Rich text format makes it possible to insert objects such as images, Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations into the text. This means, however, that the corresponding programs must be installed on the target PC. Given that there is no guarantee that this will be the case, you should not insert objects into the text. The only exception to this rule is image objects, which can be displayed on all Windows systems.

Linking the text viewer with the menu

Please refer to the following chapters for more information on how to link the Text Viewer to the menu: