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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Adding a Sound

You can create your Menu to include a sound file (wav, mid, mp2, mp3), which will be played when the program is started.

  • Select "Properties - Sound" from the menu bar or click on the corresponding button in the toolbar

  • A dialog window is opened into which the sound file can be specified.

  • Enter the sound file or use the button marked "Browse..." to find it.

  • Check the box marked "Enable Sound".

  • Exit dialog window using OK.

Selecting sound file

CDMenuPro supports the following sound formats: wav, mid, mp2, mp3. The corresponding Audio Codec (compression - decompression driver) must be installed on the target PC for the sound file to work. The codecs for mp2 and mp3 files will probably not be installed on old non-updated Win95/Win98 systems.

If you expect CDMenuPro to be used on older, non-updated Win95/98 PCs, you should not use the mp2 and mp3 sound formats.

Acoustic button effects

CDMenuPro also supports acoustic effects that are activated on mouse-over or when a button is clicked.

If you would like your menu users to "experience" this too, this is how to do it:

  • In the sound properties dialog window (see above), check the boxes "Enable Acoustic Mouseover Effect" and/or "Enable Acoustic Key Click Effect".
  • The sound file for the mouse-over effect is always called "over.wav".
  • The sound file for the button click effect is called "click.wav".
  • The sound files must be in the project directory or in one of its subfolders with the name "Sound".
  • Create the .wav files (if necessary).
  • You will find an example of both sound files in the CDMenuPro program directory in the sub-folder marked "Sound".
  • The menu designer is responsible for copying sound files into the project folder or into the sub-folder called "Sound".

Important: "click.wav" and "over.wav" have been integrated in the EXE file since CDMenuPro version 2.3. These can be replaced, however, using the method described above.

Please note: Some multimedia systems (mostly older ones) can only play one sound file. This means that if the background sound has been activated, it will not be possible to play the acoustic button effect at the same time. This is because CDMenuPro will prioritize the background sound. 

Since the introduction of CDMenuPro Version 2.4, it's also been possible to allocate a sound file to each individual button, which is played when the button is activated. If you want, you can pause the background sound while the button sound is played or play both sound files simultaneously (see note above).

How can I use an audio CD track as the sound file for CDMenuPro?

Most CD recording programs will allow you to save sound tracks in .wav form to your hard drive. If no recording software is installed on your system or if it does not support this feature, you can download one of many programs from the internet. One example of such a program is "WinDAC32" by