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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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The Volume Control Bar


Click on the "Volume Control" button in the vertical object bar and keep your left mouse key pressed; now drag the mouse pointer into the menu window. The cross is used to symbolize the top left corner of the control bar. Now release the mouse key.

Please note:
The volume control bar button that you can see in the Editor's workspace is symbolized by a bitmap and does not work. The volume control bar will be activated in the menu application. To use the volume control, a so-called mixer device has to be installed on the target PC (see Windows Device Manager). If this device is not installed, the volume control bar cannot be used. In such cases, the volume control bar will not be visible.

A mixer device has to be installed on the target PC for the volume control to work (see the Windows Device Manager under the "Audio Device" section). If this is not found, the volume control cannot be initialized. Neither will the volume control be displayed when this is the case.