Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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CDMenuPro supports the creation of submenus:

  • 1000 sub-menu pages per project
  • 25 sub-menu pages per page
  • Unlimited menu levels; only the top 20 hierarchy levels are displayed in the sub-menu view however.

Inserting a submenu into a menu page.

Select "Submenu- insert new submenu... or click on the corresponding button on the object bar. A dialog window in which the sub-menu name is entered opens. Give your sub-menu a clear and descriptive name and click on OK.

The following objects are automatically inserted into the submenu:

  • A button linked to the main page with the following lettering: "Back to Main Menu".
  • An Exit button
  • A static text with the name of the sub-menu.

The button type and its lettering can be changed to whatever you want. The text is meant to aid the menu designer and can be deleted.

Opening a sub-menu for editing

Select the following from the menu bar "Sub-menu - open sub-menu page..." or double click on the icon of the sub-menu page in the sub-menu display.

Update and display submenu view

Select the following from the menu bar "Sub-menu - sub-menu view" or "Sub-menu - up-date submenu view...".

Sub-menu template

If you want to create a large number of similar sub-menu pages, you can define any submenu page to serve as a template. If a new menu page is inserted into the project, the template's settings and objects are adopted. Select the following from the menu bar: "Sub-menu - define sub-menu template...", then highlight the submenus in the list that you would like to serve as templates. Now click on the button marked “Use as template”.

Deleting a sub-menu page

As soon as a button that is linked to a submenu is deleted, that sub-menu is deleted from the sub-menu view and the list of sub-menus. The sub-menu's Ini file, however, is not deleted and must be deleted by hand with the help of Windows Explorer where necessary.

Linking a sub-menu page by hand

If you have already created a sub-menu page and would like to insert another menu page, you can proceed as follows:

  • Insert a button into the page being edited
  • Click on the "Link" tab
  • Enter the .ini file of the sub-menu page into the document field
  • Go to the list of functions and select: "Invoke a sub-menu page"


The following example shows you how to create a multi-page menu:
The main page will include a choice of three languages: English, Italian and German. Each of these language pages will contain three product pages for product A, product B and product C.

The first step is to drag a "Sub-menu" button into the main menu page from the vertical toolbar (see below); this sub-menu is named English.

This is then repeated for the "Italian" and "German" sub-menus.

In order to check the menu structure and to be able to insert a further sub-menu into a sub-menu, please proceed as follows:

Click on the "Sub-menus" registry bottom left in the CDMenuPro Editor. The menu tree is displayed. In our example, you will see the sub-menus for "English", "German" and "Italian".

Double click on one of the sub-menus in the sub-menu tree (in our example on "English.ini"). The sub-menu is opened as an additional window in the Editor.

Now you can insert a sub-menu for "Product A", "Product B" and "Product C" into the "English.ini" sub-menu.

Double click on the "German.ini" page in the menu tree. The "German.ini" sub-menu is opened as an additional window. As described above, insert the sub-menus for "Product A", "Product B" and "Product C". Now do the same for the "Italian.ini" sub-page.

Opening a sub-menu for editing

First open the sub-menu view by clicking on the "Sub-menu" registry (bottom left in the Editor). Now double click on the sub-menu that you would like to open.

Closing a sub-menu

In the Editor's right-hand display, click on the terminate cross in the title bar of the sub-menu window.

Please note:
If the project's main menu page is terminated (CD_Conf.ini), all the sub-menu pages will be automatically terminated at the same time.

The CDMenuPro Editor supports the creation of menu systems with a maximum nesting depth of 4 menu levels (main menu and three submenu levels). 25 sub-menu pages can be inserted into each menu page.