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The Tab Order of the Buttons.

Tab Order

All Windows programs can be operated without the mouse. This is how:
Press the tab key (top far left on your PC keyboard above the caps-lock key). You will see that the "input focus" has moved to the first operation element (i.e.: button). If you press the tab key again, the focus moves on to the next operation element and so on. You can tell that a Windows button is in focus by the black frame which surrounds it. This input focus follows a sequence which is called the tab order. Hit the return key when a button is in focus and its action is activated (e.g. a program is started).

Setting the tab order

  • Click in the menu window with the right mouse key and then select "Tab Order" from the pop-up menu.
  • You will now see a red square displaying its tab order number in each of the buttons.
  • Now click on each button with the left mouse key in turn to set its tab order.

     Tab order before the sequence is set.

     Set the tab order by clicking on each button in turn according to your own sequence.