Create Autorun CD Menu

Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Testing the Project

Please note: At least one button has to be introduced before you can test your CDMenuPro project.

  • Select "Project - Test" from the menu
  • or click on the corresponding button in the toolbar.
  • CDMenuPro is started in the project folder for test purposes.

Starting the test function by clicking on the "Test" button in the toolbar.


Before burning a CD:

Make sure you test all the functions carefully. You might find looking at the project file CD_Conf.ini. helpful (open this with Notepad). All referenced documents, programs, bitmaps must either show a relative path or be introduced by the CDMenuPro-Prefix "_CURRENTDIR_\". In the case of the latter, the file must be located either in the project path or a subordinate path attached to it.

If you are going to burn several CDs:

  • First record a test CD.
  • Now test this on another computer (if possible).
  • Is everything OK? Now you can start recording!

Testing the project on a virtual drive.

Since the introduction of CDMenuPro 2.4, it's been possible to test your project using the virtual drive. You will find more details about this in the Virtual Drive chapter