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Create Autorun CD Menu on portable media such as CD, DVD and USB Drive

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Inserting a Text

1.5 Inserting a static text object.

Before you insert your text, it might be a good idea to define the text properties. Select the following from the Editor's menu bar: "Styles - Default Text Font...". A text properties dialog window is opened.

Select a text font and color in the dialog window. When selecting the font, it's wise to choose one of the standard Window fonts if you want to be certain that your text will appear as designed on all PCs.

Please note: If you would like to use a special font, you might want to consider creating a background image with your graphics software and integrating the text font into the image. By doing this, the text would be a component part of the background image and displayed in the same way on all PCs. (See Fonts and Colors)

Click on the "insert text" button in the vertical toolbar and keep your left mouse key pressed; now drag the mouse pointer into the menu window. The cross is used to symbolize the top left corner of the text object.

As soon as the text object is in position, release the left mouse key. The properties dialog window for text objects will open automatically

Enter the text that you would like to display into the text field. While the font, font color and font effect all correspond to the defaults selected; you can make individual changes to them here using this dialog window.

Now click on the "Ok" button; the dialog window is closed and the text object appears surrounded by the dotted selected lines.

Just like the action buttons, you can move the text object into any position you want. As soon as the text object is in the right position, click in an empty space in the menu window with the left mouse key and the text object will be deselected.

By clicking on the test button, you get an instant impression of the menu's new appearance.

Font effects

Normal, raised or embossed.
The raised and embossed effects can only be used provided the brightness of the background image or background color is medium.

Text effects